Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Re- Virginated

It just struck me that I am about to be re-virginated as I cross over (belatedly) to the mystery of blogging. Yes, for all intents and purposes, and even as the mother of four children, there is still at least one area in which I can claim to be a virgin.

Writing I can do, blogging, well I'm about to find that out. With three published books in twenty seven languages under my belt and numerous magazine articles by me and about me, do I have what it takes to be succinct, engaging, mildly amusing or thought provoking to anyone outside of my own cranium. Only time will tell.

Be gentle with me... I am, afterall, a virgin in cyber space.

PS: I am an unashamed, continuously ravenous, chocolate munching woman.


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere Jacqueline. I am cofident you are up to the challenge and cannot imagine you being anything but engaging, succinct and thought provoking!

  2. I'm also very new to this but what have you to lose? A suggestion might be a brief cameo of each of your books to date.

  3. Welcome in the world of blogging... BTW you are doing fine with the blogging... Greets from Holland, Jedidja van de Geer aka Yadi

  4. please dontt kick me of this blog im rebecca seidner i been trying to connect you for years i have 4 questions i would likee to ask the queestionss about your first book that has nothingg to do with your ex husband or kidnapimgh of the kids
    if you want me to stop contacting you i understAndd butt please let me ask u those quesstionsx

  5. Dear Anonymous who signed as Rebecca Seidner, I have had no choice but to point out that I don't have your contact details so I cannot reply to you regarding the four questions you have to pose to me. Jacqueline Pascarl

  6. Hi i just wanna tell u i loved your books and i was just wondering do your children live in australia now and are they muslims or christians?Laura B.