Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oink oink & all that jazz

I sit before the keyboard in the grip of a pandemic - yes, I live in Melbourne, Australia, one of the MOST Swine Flu infected places on the earth according to WHO; and as luck would have it, I suspect that I have acquired H1N1 from my children's associates at that cesspool of disease, commonly referred to as 'school'.

So I shall skip any attempt at witty repartee, forgo my snappy lines and merely groan........
"Is life worth living if one can't even taste chocolate?"

Apart from checking in the mirror for the sprouting of a curly little tail and other porcine characteristics, I know that this too will pass.

I wave a pathetically wan hand at you and bid adieu - until the fever passes and I have something decent and coherent to say.

But I leave you with two thoughts that age should never be a barrier or an excuse
‘Goldfishing©’! No-one likes to see a woman swirling around inside a brandy glass (unless she’s an exotic dancer in a seedy nightclub surrounded by sweaty palmed ‘desperates’. One wine, one water is the rule to swill by. And tying one on obviously has some consequences!,21985,25623139-2862,00.html

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  1. Hope you are feeling chipper again soon. We were struck with the flu (Not the swiney kind) It is a terror once it gets hold of you. Takes ages to shake! Healing thoughts your way.