Friday, June 26, 2009


I've danced to his music, laughed to his music, loved to his music, but truly, can we have a modicum of perspective on Michael Jackson's death?

What or when did he sacrifice, discover, show courage, act bravely, lead by example, invent a life saving vaccine, show true humility, go out on a limb politically, or do anything else than make music and perform?
What is his legacy?

Wonderful, joyful music that is a marker for many of us. We have shared our first dance, our first kiss, our weddings, our proms, our driving, our cooking, our parties and so, so, much more with his soundtrack in the background. We shared our joy with him, yes, absolutely - and I can truly say I am grateful for his creativity. But he also leaves behind three children, including two sons named Prince Michael numbers one and two, and a daughter, Paris, all three of whom will tragically have to bear the brunt of lifelong innuendo on their father's cloudy doings and bizarre behaviour.

Sad that a woman who bravely and openly battled a difficult cancer has been almost forgotten in the frenzy following the probable self-destruction of a man of great musical genius, but questionable character. The question is, who would you have trusted your children around, Farrah Fawcett or Michael Jackson?

Love Jackson’s music, but don’t eulogise a saint who wasn’t. Any death is a tragedy for those who love and are loved - how many in Darfur / Iran / Iraq etc etc etc today?

Perplexing indeed.


  1. Yes, well said, Jacqueline! I am really perplexed by the amount of coverage his death carried in the Australian media. And to hear that the media yesterday was running with Twitter reports that weren't accurate is just insanity! It was interesting on the news last night to see the contrast between how the two deaths were reported. Ryan got into his car and quietly told the press Farrah had gone to a few audible gasps before quickly driving off whilst Jackson's brother read out an obviously prepared statement and was already pumping his brother up as being some sort of iconic legend.
    That's why I rarely bother with the media these days. Not that you need media with Facebook! Sad to reflect on all the 'nobodies' who are dying or died yesterday who the media will ignore whilst they attempt to construct a legend. I wasn't a fan of his music - even John Lennon didn't get this type of coverage. It's a worrying sign of our stupid culture, I'm afraid. x

  2. Michael Jackson was a flawed human being - no question about it. What of the role that the media played in the creation of "Wacko Jacko"? They made millions out of it. And now they will make tens of millions as the inevitable process of deification takes place. "Not the end, not the end, just remember that death is not the end" as Nick Cave once sang. Robert Miller
    in fact ... it's the beginning. Michael Jackson was a genius in his own way. From Off The Wall To Thriller to BAD, MJ re-invented the paradigm.
    For sheer talent, genius and fucked-upness, he is only rivalled by Elvis Presley. I think it's appropriate to honour Michael Jackson at the time of his passing. It doesn't mean that we have forgotten his transgressions. Call it sympathy for the devil if you like and indeed those lines from the Rolling Stones song resonate for me in this context ..."they shouted out ... who killed the Kennedies ... when after all, it was YOU AND ME."

  3. Jacqueline, Never a truer word was spoken. As usual insightful adn a good read. Thank you!
    From Rosemary Standish

  4. Beautifully said.
    Marina Go.