Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Over Preserved - Scary Faces Everywhere!

If your face can't register an orgasm, is the climax still as good?

As I look around me I am beginning to get worried - so many of my friends, acquaintances and even other people in the media, are starting to look interchangeable.

I've checked with my optometrist and looked at the lighting, but it's definite - the purveyors of youth all trained at the same school with injectable facial fillers - rather than tailoring the product to the person - they tailor the person to the product. Youthfully plumped cheeks, more at home on chipmunks and duvet fluffed undereye plateaus are the new accessory du jour.

Now, some maintenance up on the blocks - a little freshening is absolutely understandable, but this bizarre plastic plumping has got to stop - particularly as individuals are now looking more like part of a zombie tribe of waxen dolls or Stepford Wives MK 3. There is a definite stacking of Restalyne, akin to the shoulder pad buildup of the 1980's.

Frankly I'm scared now at social functions in case I start a conversation with a cushion instead of a girlfriend.

Botox and filler users beware…it is possible to look ‘over preserved©’ think petrified starfish or blow up sex dolls. If permanently surprised is your one facial emotion then it’s time for a rethink and a change of cosmetic surgeon.

Off to commune with a spoonful of chocolate Nutella to ease the stress of ageing!

I'll be exploring more of these puzzling topics later in June at The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst, Sydney.


  1. Yes, I think it's both scary and boring the way all the faces look the same these days. You only have to browse through magazines to see that photoshopped look (plus the cosmetic work done) is creating an entire planet of clones.

  2. I think we owe it to women who are younger then us to show them how we look as we age. Perhaps with some alternative role models they might make the choice to age naturally. I really hope so. Botox and plastic surgery are not for me - I don't want to be perfect and I look forward to the surprises of aging (well, maybe not the pants wetting and things like that so much!)

    I feel a responsibility to my daughter, my mum, my nanna, my readers, my customers, my friends... and even the future girlfriends of my sons to set a good example and sport my wrinkles with confidence and good humour. Who says we have to be perfectly polished to be attractive? Why do those lines need to be filled, I wonder?

    I hope that we can re-define beauty for future generations - whilst accepting that not everyone will share our enthusiasm for crows feet and furrowed brows!

    I, for one, like to be animated. I would never want to be fearful of expressing. And I like looking different to everyone else... (but that's just me!) In fact I'm looking forward to having a neck that actually matches my face in my twilight years!