Thursday, February 19, 2015


A VERY, VERY BAD LOOK!!!! My young daughter (walking after school to an appointment) was accosted by Niall Horan's (One Direction boy band) bodyguard outside a cafe in Domain Road, South Yarra in Melbourne this afternoon. She is not a fangirl and not interested in the band. However, she was limping from a leg injury and has a heart condition. She merely paused and asked the cafe owner if she could have a drink of water for her heart problem. Niall Horan was in a public place sitting on the street with a girlfriend. The over zealous and aggressive bodyguard thrust himself in front of my daughter, shoved his hand in her face and said "DON'T, JUST DON'T", my daughter replied, "What do you mean?" and was quite bewildered. Bodyguard retorted aggressively, "YOU KNOW!" Well, sorry boys, she didn't want an autograph, didn't want to faun over Nial, and I, for one, as a parent, don't appreciate bullying of my child. Not a good look being so overinflated by a popstar ego that you allow your employees to intimidate young girls on a public street you have chosen to place yourself on. I might also add, the bodyguard made to shove her out of the cafe and block her path.…/…/tumblr_static_one_direction.jpg

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