Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A rebuttal

Dear Squizy, as you left no return address, I find it very difficult to reply directly to you. I have no problem with food allergies being taken seriously nor for parents to ensure that their own little ones are cared for appropriately. what I do have a problem with is that you feel it is ok for you to demonise me for stating a situation at primary schools which is ludicrous. Yes, I mentioned nuts because the children I was referring to are allergic to peanuts, NOT almonds, therefore an ignorant reaction on the part of the teachers is the issue.

Furthermore, most of the piece in the Punch was referring to an individual parent's right to feed their own child any food which they deem appropriate as long as those foods are not on the 'banned' list at school - be they deemed healthy or not.

What I do get from reading between your lines, is that you are not getting a great or forthcoming response from your own child's school. Could I therefore recommend you retain a solicitor and put your concerns in a letter to both the Principal and also the School Council or Governing body. This may be the only way for the issue to be taken seriously at the school your child attends. But don't confuse my satirical synopsis and observations as a solid 'news' article meant to be taken as scientific fact. So no loaded gun analogies thank you - I am anti-weapons of all kinds having triaged gunshot wounds in war zones - a abdominal hole in a child's body caused by discharged weapon at close range is not a great illustrative metaphor to use.
PS: Congratulations on your mathematical ability!


  1. It's a pity your response to me is so sarcastic and patronising, because there is none of that in any of my response to you. However as the self appointed arbiter of good taste in my response, two things Jacqueline.

    1 - Almonds are Nuts. This is not just about Peanut allergy, but all Nut allergies.

    2 - I have no problems at my school thanks very much, but your suggestion of solicitors is greatly appreciated. All of the parents at our school are very understanding, although, I'm glad my son doesn't go to your daughters school.

    I've certainly learnt alot about you today, and I'm disappointed I did.

  2. Dear Squizy, I did indeed take your initial comment to my blog as one of sarcasm and also felt offended that you wrote of my elder children's abduction as if a food allergy was the exact same terror as losing two children for fourteen years - that and the reference you made to being able to count the number of times I mentioned nuts. If I misconstrued your comments as snide, insensitive and attacking my abilities as a mother then I do sincerely apologise. Tongue in cheek, I did make a joke of congratulating you on the mathematics issue, but that is my writing style actually.

    However, i did recommend the solicitors etc regarding your child's school as having been a member of school council, I know that once something is minuted at one of our meetings, it means that an issue has been flagged and must be taken seriously. Just a thought to cover any situation that might arise in the future with your school - a strongly worded letter from you and your partner would also serve your child well regardless of parents being understanding - I agree, you can never go too far in ensuring your child's safety.

    I understand about nut allergies, but I also pointed out that I was talking about a peanut allergy, not an almond allergy/general nut allergy situation - it was a specific metaphorical picture that I painted

    Sorry that I have disappointed you today, it was not my intention, but frankly, I have been disappointed as well - I have literally received threatening calls on my mobile today from strangers, received death threats and threats to my children in terms of someone offering to come around to my house and shut me up! I've also had the delight of being called a 'slitty eyed c..t today by incensed parents and had my ability to parent question because of a satirical column that I repeat was not a scientific article but a commentary.
    That, and the glowing obscene emails have just topped off this whole issue. Perhaps I therefore felt rather beleagured after what I perceived to be another attack today via your comments.

    It would be nice to be able to call a truce and have a calm discourse with you without either of us being snide or point scoring. That, or I will have to grow a thicker skin.
    Sincerely, Jacqueline Pascarl

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